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Peter and Fran -- parts 1a & 1b

1a. Rumors on The Internets

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(12/22/04 10:40 pm)


stay tuned...

p&f may be reuniting. bernard is trying and viggo is in, still working on rest of group.

should know for sure soon.

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RE: stay tuned...

!!!!! no words.

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RE: stay tuned...

!!!!! no words.

Ditto. When did this happen? Better yet, why is this happening?

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RE: stay tuned...

not sure, need more info. think it's something for charity. who cares, I'm not complaining.

1b. Something Viggo Might Call "A Series of Awakenings"

Viggo wakes up from a dream about a whale. He grabs for his notebook but he can't find his pen and it takes a good two to three minutes of panicked fumbling around the nightstand before he finds it tucked into the shoe peeking out from under the bed frame.

He does not enjoy writing things down without using that particular pen. Or at least something similarly designated for that purpose.

The dream was about a whale and Viggo's mother, singing something in the background. Quite possibly "California Dreaming" by The Mamas and the Papas. He's not sure his mother ever liked that song, ever, but that's never exactly the point in dreams.

He writes down the following:
-- whale/not whale = me??
-- looked like elijah's eyes (that would mean whale = not me?)
-- California + water + surfing
-- the whale was singing the song. the whale was my mother. the whale was talking.
-- talking to me or me talking?

At this point he can't remember anything else and the clock on the nightstand is telling him it's 4:43 a.m. He thinks there's a rooster crowing somewhere, but maybe that's just his imagination. Viggo imagines himself surrounded by trees. He sleeps.

Viggo wakes up again and finds himself in a very bright bedroom. He gets up. He gets dressed. He walks barefooted across the wooden floor and out into the kitchen. The coffeepot started automatically at 10:00 a.m. and he pours it through a funnel into his green thermos, then finds socks, boots, and heads outside. He goes on with his week.

Viggo wakes up at the beeping of his alarm. It's insistent. He hates the alarm clock, but that's also why he keeps it. There's a reading to go to and the drive from the ranch will take at least two hours. He watches out the car window and occasionally the rearview mirror as the trees thin and thicken along the highway.

When the highway spits him back into the city he feels prepared. Ready. The store's windows inform him it won the Best National Bookstore award. Viggo approves. He mentions it during the reading, he reads four poems about dreams and how dreams are windows of a sort.

Viggo wakes up to his phone ringing. It's not hateful, like his alarm clock, and it's not a bright light in his eyes. He almost forgets to pick it up, but then he looks and the caller ID informs him it's Bernard. It's been a while, so this is relatively pleasant.

"Viggo!" Bernard is jolly. He's typically jolly. Excepting when he's been the recipient of large, physical, practical jokes played in the middle of the night and involving two to three large, drunken individuals.

"You woke me up." Viggo leans forward to peer out the window. It appears to be raining. "Don't you have an assistant to check on these things?"

"It's 9 a.m. there. That's acceptable." Bernard coughs. "I have good news. Exciting."

"Exciting?" Viggo raises a verbal eyebrow and lets the curtain fall back into place. "Define exciting."

"Brilliant idea, mate. You'll love this." Bernard clears his throat. "We've got a chance to help the tsunami victims. Make an impact."

Ah. Viggo give the phone a look that he'd probably define as cautious. "Does it involve placing myself in the midst of awkward and formal dinners?"

"No. It involves getting back to the music for a brief fling." Bernard chuckles at himself. "Just a Peter and Fran song to help the kids out. And get the fans to participate. Educate them."

"That's flattering." Viggo stands up again and walks around to the other side of the bed. There's a photograph on the wall there of the group on their first tour bus. Elijah and Liv are showing off the built in sink and refrigerator and from the look of Liv's face Viggo wonders who took it. "But I'm not sure we're that large of a draw. These days."

"Eh." Bernard makes a noise in his throat. " Don't need to be. The young ones on the bandwagon are asking you to join in and show some support. They're wanting a chance to play with you."

"The young ones?"

"Chris Martin mainly. He's being rather vocal. Polite, about it but vocal. He's quite the fan."

"Ah." Viggo shakes his head. "Never heard the name."

Bernard sighs. "Do you ever keep up with the industry?"

"No." Viggo scoffs. It's a loud noise, even over the phone line.

"In any case, you should do it. It's a good offer." Bernard coughs. "Come to California, record a little song for a benefit album and raise money for a good cause."

"California?" Viggo looks at his nightstand, then back at the photograph. Sean probably took it. Or, given the slight fuzziness, maybe Billy.

"Yeah. David Geffen's going to donate studio time and all that."



Viggo looks down at his hands. He supposes it's important to listen when whales speak to you.

"You there?" Bernard sounds a tad nervous.

"Yeah." Viggo clears his throat. "Yeah. I'm in. I'll try it."

"Ah. Good."

"So." Viggo rubs his foot into the carpet. "Next steps?"

"Right." Bernard's voice fades out for a moment, then comes back. "I'm faxing you things. I'll fax them in a moment. Afterwards, well."

"Well?" Viggo starts heading towards his office.

"You've got to get the band together, mate."

"Hm." Viggo thinks about the whale. "Alright. That's doable."

"I'm sending you the phone numbers I have." Bernard's voice fades out, then comes back in. "The only number I have for Dom is his mother's."

"That's fine." Viggo nods. "We have other forces with us."

"You think?"

"Yeah." Viggo looks at the wall. There's a calendar on it as well, the sacred sites of the Aborigines sent to him by Daisy. Viggo's not sure when the wall became a shrine. "I'll call you in a week."

After they hang up he decides the first thing he needs to do is some yoga.

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