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Part 21

Nobody pays much attention when Elijah dives into the room and sags against the door, looking panicked.

"Oh my god," he gasps. "We're in the shit now, you guys."

"We only have it for medicinal purposes, I told you," Billy says, not looking up from his neat ministrations on the coffee table. "I thought it was herbs for cooking, and that's the Lord's truth."

Orlando is slouching forward, elbows on knees, watching Billy's hands. "Not so long," he says lazily, "I don't like them so skinny."

"Shh," Elijah hisses. "She's here, in the hallway, I just saw -"

"Quit your moaning," Billy says to Orlando, unhurriedly focused on the task at hand. He holds up a specimen for Orlando's approval, asking, "'ll this do, milady?" and Orlando purrs his endorsement, flopping back into his chair.

There comes a rap on the door and Elijah jumps away like he's been shocked.

"Elijah," a female voice says sharply from outside.

Orlando sits up suddenly and freezes.

Billy's head snaps up. "No," he says. "No, no, no fucking way."

Elijah nods frantically.

Billy points at the fire escape. "Everyone," he whispers, "quietly now - "

"I just saw you come in," the voice outside insists briskly. The door handle rattles. "Elijah, open the door."

Elijah looks wildly at the fire escape, then at the door, and finally runs a hand through his hair. He opens the door.

"Hi!" he says. "Miranda. You're here. Wow."

Miranda nudges the door open and sets down an alarmingly large suitcase. "Lads." She surveys the room. "Where's Viggo?"

Billy swallows and puts aside the supplies in front of him. "Ehm, he's out. For a while, he said."

"Out where, then?" Miranda rummages through her satchel. Orlando is still staring at her with the blank face he usually adopts to conceal extreme distress or repugnance.

"Bolivia," Orlando finally puts in, and Miranda stops and looks at him for the first time. "He's gone to collect some more folk songs," he says easily, though Elijah can see Orli's hand still tight on the arm of his chair.

"Funny," Miranda says.

Orlando smiles sweetly. Elijah snickers.

"Gehen sie weg," Billy mutters, and Elijah has to cover his mouth with his hand.

"What?" Miranda said sharply. "Where's that?"

"German art gallery," Billy says, blinking guilelessly at her. "It's in the old city. Vig went to check it out as a performance space." He inclines his head a bit, almost smiling. "Surprised you don't know it - that was always your area, wasn't it? From the old days?"

"This is a far cry from the old days," Miranda says, glancing around the room. She shakes her head briefly, and Elijah can just see her taking offense at the curtains, at the ruffle on the bedskirt, at whole idea of Viggo and Viggo's music and Viggo's Viggo-ness ensconced in a hotel suite. "But, well. You lot probably wouldn't know. It was back before all this," she waves a hand.

"Christ, yeah," Billy says. "But consider the benefits of selling out, just look at Vig," and Miranda narrows her eyes at him, flips a bit of hair over one shoulder. Elijah rubs a hand over his eyes. He remembers that hair flip.

"Coked to the gills, sure, but you should've seen the hooker he went with last night," Billy gives an appreciative whistle. Elijah snickers. From his chair, Orlando gave a soft exasperated noise.

Miranda opens her mouth again but someone tall with a long loping stride passes by in the hallway and she nearly leaps through the open door. "Viggo? Oh."

Through the door Elijah sees Karl swerve and jump back, like a man narrowly avoiding a snake in the grass. "Miranda."

Miranda says something muffled and Elijah shuts the door quickly and sags against it. The voices behind it fade.

"Well," says Elijah, looking at the others, who have slumped backwards into their seats and are staring dejectedly at the lovely, glorious, now-useless little baggies on the coffee table. "Well, shit."

Orlando makes a pained noise, pushes his fingers into his hair. "What's she doing here, anyway, I thought she was in Cam- er, Korea or –"

"Thailand," Billy provides, "Dom said, but –"

"Not here," Orland insists, with a kind of dogged assurance. "If she starts up again with –"

There's another rap on the door and they all twitch and tense before Dom's voice comes, "I can smell it, you selfish cunts, so open up and share before I call the authorities!"

Elijah opens the door again and he figures he must still look a bit red-eyed and jumpy, because Dom just points and cackles a bit.

"Look at you," he giggles, "Lij, mate, I was only joking – Bills, roll me one, there's a love."

Dom pokes him in the side a bit on his way to join Billy on the couch and Elijah twists away, helplessly ticklish, and grumbles, "Ass. I wish it had been the police, it's better than Miranda -"

Dom looks at Billy, still bristly and irritated like a cat whose tail's been stepped on, and Orlando, pulling at his necklaces and frowning, and rubs a hand over his mouth, starting to laugh. Elijah's never quite known if Dom actually likes Miranda or just doesn't mind her as much of the rest of them do, or if he tolerates her on the basis of his amused conviction that Miranda is Viggo's cross to bear in life. Even if Viggo himself doesn't seem to think of her that way.

"Miranda's turned up? Lovely, lovely," and he's really laughing now. "Vig'll be so pleased."

"It's not," Orlando says, "it's horrible."

"Oh, come," says Dom, looking more amused all the time. He nudges Orlando's foot under the table. "She's got the right, she's his wife, after all –"

"Only in the Czech Republic," Orlando retorts, kicking at Dom's shoe with momentary vigor. "And it's all to do with some immigration nonsense, anyway, I doubt it's even binding anywhere else, and it's not like he's –"

"Not to hear her tell it," sighs Elijah, flopping down onto the other end of the couch. The warm ease of the afternoon was completely gone and he was beginning to feel stuffy-headed and hungry.

"It's the way she looks at all of us," Billy mutters, "like we're stifling Viggo's genius –"

"Well, someone's got to," Dom says consolingly, patting Billy's knee, grinning. "Thankfully we're up to the task."

"It's a full time job, really," agrees Elijah. He puts his feet up across Dom's lap, then kicks at him when Dom begins to tie his shoelaces together. Dom leaves his hand warm on Elijah's ankle and Elijah wiggles down into the cushions, settling.

"It is," Dom affirms solemnly. He tips his head in Billy's direction. "C'mon, Bills, just one."

"Just one," Billy grumbles. "But just one, and none for Miranda."

"No," Dom assures him, rubbing his leg. "None for Miranda."

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(06/02/05 9:43 pm)


SHOW REVIEW: Manchester, 01/06/05

Just now arrived home from the Peter and Fran show. It was brilliant! Everyone was in fine form. Totally worth all the hassle with Ticketmaster and the wrong date and my maths exam that I'm sure you're all sick to death of hearing about. I barely know where to start, my thoughts are completely scattered. My mind is blown. But, okay, I tried to keep the set list, so I'm just going to add my notes to that.

Carnies and Boardgames (new) Hadn't heard this one before, great start, high energy and Dom jumped on Billy's back at one point.

Voting for the Monkey (new): Viggo explained how the single is about politics and they've always been really involved, but things are much more crucial these days. He gave quite a lengthy speech on US/world politics, fair trade, and indigenous peoples, but it wasn't exactly always clear and Karl and Billy kept interrupting him.

taste of strawberries: Sean A. mentioned the documentary he's making, which is going to be titled after that song. Also started talking about politics and unions, importance of a living wage for all. Dom ran up to the drum set and swatted him across the head, saying "Not Viggo!"

my desk, my office, a fourteen-month calendar and you-- Liv's back-ups on this were amazing and you all know how I feel about Cate's original vocals. it's amazing how strong her voice has gotten over the years.

Why Did You Eat the Last of My Oranges?: the triumphant return of the guitorgan. Daisy's voice is still, I think, my favorite. It can just do so many things that the others can't. So poignant this one. Always one of my faves.

Ode to Vowels: I've never heard of them doing this, but just before the song, Viggo took Billy's bass and Billy moved to the mic and sang lead on this. Viggo said "apparently we were supposed to do this once, so" and then they went, Viggo not singing at all. Such a different sound. They stayed like this for the next song as well.

Meterology is Divided (new)
Running Away from Fire (new)
Untitled Benefit Song #6 (new)
: All of these were ace. Can't wait for the new album!

Flipper Sounds: Elijah intro-ed his dj extravaganza by talking about the club gigs he's done in UK and his love for UK. Orlando kept interrupting, giving him help with the "Britishisms" and making fun of his accent. While they were talking, Dom and Billy hovered at the edge of the stage, whispering-- kind of adorable. Viggo hopped around during the song, occasionally playing whatever instrument he had at hand over Elijah's beats. Daisy and Liv improved some vocals that I didn't right down, but were hilarious. I'm not a fan of electronica, but they always make this section fun and in the three shows I've seen, it's never been the same twice.

Palmgroves and Irrigation Canals: Dom still can't sing, but he's such a rock star, so I forgive him. And it's his hometown, so we let it slide.

don't let the scotsman cook tonight
That's the Wine Talking (new)

She's Lost Control (Joy Division cover): Elijah and Dom started an argument about Manchester music, Dom of course was all about the Stone Roses while Elijah said Joy Division was better. Orlando pointed out that it was all crap because there's no tambourine in either and Billy started throwing guitar picks at Dom until Astin stopped the fight with an impromptu drum solo that led into the song.

Piece of the West Bank: Viggo talked about the war again and how that song has different meaning now and that when he and Sean Bean first wrote it they really didn't think it would still be relevant by 2005. And man, this seems a fitting place to note that I missed Bean a lot. Sean A. is great, really, but it's not quite the same and he doesn't seem to have quite the same rapport with the rest of them.

sandinista rock: I've NEVER heard this one live and I pretty much screamed myself hoarse. My favorite and Daisy was just ON and Karl's mandolin sounded PERFECT and I love the way the thumb cymbals are used. Liv was really cute here, too, with the Spanish stuff.

They said their goodnights then, thanked us for coming and I missed quite a bit of it because I was still so shocked and happy about "sandinista". Dom talked some more about Manchester and joked that we should all come back to his folks for drinks and to meet the fam. Before they left the stage, they dragged Bernard out and he said hi as well. Viggo swung him around a bit and then they carried Dom off stage because he wouldn't shut up.

Bard and Pirate (new)
Same Time Next Thursday

Looked like it was over at this point, but then Dom turned around and asked if we really thought he seemed like the type to let some Yank win in an argument about his music. He made everyone come back and then they did "I Am the Resurrection" with Billy on lead and they've rearranged it to really use some of Viggo's instruments. Mostly, it didn't much matter how it sounded because it was a STONE ROSES COVER !!!!!! so I was absolutely mad with excitement.

They all jumped around a bit and talked about various things and how much fun they've had in Europe and how glad they were that they reunited and I really am not sure I've ever seen them so relaxed and amused and. It was just grand, possibly the best show I've seen, ever and I can't believe I got to experience this. Everyone who has the chance, MAKE SURE YOU GO! It's worth it.

Sorry this was so long, but I doubt any of you will be upset. Now I've got to get to bed, I have class bright and early.

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RE: SHOW REVIEW: Manchester, 01/06/05

!!!!! Sounds like a fabulous show. Can't wait 'til they get over here. I'm going to see them as many times as I can. And the new album!

> I've NEVER heard this one live and I pretty much screamed myself hoarse.

SO excited for you, btw. I can only hope they play my favorite when I see them. And good luck on that exam!

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RE: SHOW REVIEW: Manchester, 01/06/05

Great review. And you're right, no complaints about the length. I'm sure mine will be at least that long when they finally show up in Colorado.

The flight back to the states is chartered, because when they met up with Ian after the London show, he took one look at their itinerary, asked, "Why, exactly, are we flying commercial?" and didn't listen to the answer before making a phone call or two. Daisy couldn't be happier as he settles into his wide leather seat and stretches his legs out. Elijah's provided some mood music and now that they're at full altitude, the flight attendant is going to open a bottle of champagne.

"This is more like it," Dom says, unsnapping his seatbelt and resettling against Billy. "We should always do this."

Viggo coughs from his seat in the back, but Daisy glances over and Viggo looks pretty comfortable. Orlando is sitting next to him, slouched down in his seat, legs everywhere and grinning from ear to ear.

"I can't believe you let them fly commercial, Bernard." Ian says. "I know this lot doesn't care much for comfort, but just from a safety standpoint. Orlando's fans alone." Ian rolls his eyes instead of finishing the sentence.

"I made an effort, but have you tried fighting with Viggo when he gets an idea in his head?" Bernard takes the champagne he's offered and smiles at the flight attendant.

"Frankly, no. I learned very quickly not to give him the opportunity to argue." Ian looks rather self-satisfied, but Daisy can't be certain that's any different than his normal expression.

Bernard raises an eyebrow, but doesn't reply. Daisy chuckles and takes his own glass. He definitely wishes Ian had been involved in planning the trip over.

The flight attendant pauses at the front of the cabin. "Please ring the call bell if you need anything else." He smiles at the group.

Orlando tips his head and smiles slowly. "I'm sure we will."

The attendant looks over and Daisy thinks he might be blushing, but he manages a professional nod of the head. "I won't go far, then," he says more to Orlando than the rest of the group before disappearing behind the red curtain.

"Fuck, Orli, give it a rest," Billy says, laughing. He ducks behind Dom to avoid the package of crisps Orlando throws his way.

"Mmm...salt and vinegar," Dom says tearing open the bag and holding it out for Billy to take one.

"I'm not doing anything," Orlando says and Daisy can tell that he doesn't mean a word of it. "I just figure we might, in fact, need something."

"I think we all know what you need Orlando," Karl says, looking up from his book. "And after spending a nice portion of my life in the bunk below you, I'm moving that we let the subject drop without any more details."

"Oh don't spoil the fun for the rest of us," Sala says, laughing.

"I second Karl's motion," Sean says, raising his hand like he's in class.
"And the motion passes." Viggo says, patting Orlando's leg. "Sorry, but you'll just have to keep it to yourself."

"I wasn't planning on giving any details," Orlando glares at Karl. "And I've no idea what you're on about because I never brought anyone back to the bus."

"That you remember," Elijah says at the same time Dom asks, "Why find a bunk when there's a filthy club bathroom right there?"

"Or the back of a taxi," adds Billy, nodding earnestly.

"Coat check room," Sean says cringing a little and Daisy doesn't think he's ever heard that story.

Daisy looks pointedly at Viggo and says, "The Rove Live green room." Viggo shoots Daisy a dirty look and Daisy laughs.

"Bugger off," Orlando says, waving his hand at the group of them. "You're all mad."

"Steven Spielberg's pantry," Ian says and Daisy knows he never heard that.

"Spielberg?" Sean asks, more interested than he really should be.

"I believe we're banned from sharing details." Ian says looking at Karl, who nods. "Indeed. We need to discuss some things, anyway. The plan for our return engagement: a week off for all of you during which you will no doubt not spend any time appreciating the fact that I will be slaving away setting up press, laying the foundation for the album release and making sure everyone everywhere knows that you're a big happy family again."

Daisy grins. Like everyone in the collective, he had to sign off on Ian's contract and fee, so he's well aware that Ian doesn't need any more of their appreciation.

"Then you'll reconvene in the studio to finish the album before the tour kicks off in Boston. East Coast leg of the tour, album release, West coast." Ian looks down at the paper he has in his hand and then stands up. "And, we'll be back in the States, so it's time to be a bit more professional."

Viggo opens his mouth and then closes it. He shifts in his seat and Daisy thinks he's clenching his jaw. This should be fun.

"In Europe, I don't really care what you say to whom. But, in the U.S., they all speak English, so we need to go over a few dos and don'ts for the press." He looks over at Viggo. "You can say and do whatever you want when you're on stage, but you pay me to tell you this, so please let me do my job."

Viggo sighs, but he nods and doesn't interrupt.

"Okay. Dom, don't lie to the reporters." Ian frowns. "At least, not about important things that will result in my having to make more than one phone call to straighten it out. Billy, make sure Dom does as he's told."

"Am I even my own person anymore?" Billy asks, eyes wide, feigning injury.

"Nope. You're just an extension of me," Dom plants a loud kiss on Billy's cheek. Billy grimaces and makes a show of wiping it off, muttering, "I lie too, you know," before wrapping his hand around Dom's and turning back for the rest of Ian's rules.

Sala catches Daisy's eye and raises an eyebrow, but Daisy can't help it-- he thinks they're cute.

Ian clears his throat and everyone turns so he can continue. "Karl, if you could perhaps limit the amount of marijuana and beer consumed to something resembling socially acceptable, I think we'd all appreciate it."

Karl shrugs. "I'll do my best." Daisy turns towards Karl, nodding at the jacket pocket where he knows Karl has three joints. Karl tips his head at the loo in the back and Daisy nods. "A concerted effort."

Ian ticks items off on his fingers as he talks. "Liv, talk about the baby as often as you like." Liv giggles and leans against Daisy's shoulder. "Sean, push the documentary. Not that I expect you need to be reminded." Ian smirks a little and Daisy bites his lip to keep from laughing. Dom doesn't make any such attempt.

"Orlando, the note here from dearest Dana says to remind you that 'straight is the new straight,' but frankly, I have no time for that. I would ask, however, that you maybe stop sleeping with fans. Especially fans with lawyers."

Orlando sits up straight. "That never even went to court!"

Ian ignores Orlando, pointing at Daisy, two fingers extended and Daisy half expects him to point out all the exits. Instead he just says, "Don't change. You're perfect, everyone loves you. You are a publicist's dream."

"Teacher's pet," Karl mutters and Dom kicks Daisy's seat.

"And you," Ian turns to Viggo. "Stop talking about the Guatemalans. Or the Peruvians. Or," Ian pauses, brow wrinkled. "Just stop talking about indigenous peoples all together." Viggo starts to interrupt, but Ian holds up his hand to stave him off. "Think of it this way: speak only when spoken to. In the unlikely event they ask you about indigenous peoples, be my guest. Otherwise, make it about the music. You love the music."

Viggo grunts. "I suppose you're not giving me the opportunity to argue?"

"That's a good lad." Ian sits back down. "And now, you can all enjoy the flight."

Karl shuts his book and sets it aside. "Right then." He pats his pocket and moves to the toilet.

Daisy stands up to follow, but stops when Elijah says, "Wait. Nothing for me? Am I publicist's dream as well?"

Ian blinks. "Oh. Well, yes." He glances down at his list. "But, you do have to do some of these club dates you postponed to go on tour."

Elijah blinks, "Ian, no. I'm in the band now, I don't want--" Ian shakes his head slowly. If Viggo can't argue, there's no hope for Elijah and he's smart enough to realize that, so he stops talking. Ian nods encouragingly and smiles.
Elijah frowns. "What about my week off?"

"No rest if you want to be the teacher's pet, Lij." Daisy says, patting Elijah's shoulder on the way to the back. He can smell the sticky-sweet scent before Karl opens the door, and wonders how long it'll be before Dom, Orli and Billy are crowding in as well. Thank god for chartered flights.

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