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Part Six

6a. Lo, How Easily One Can Become Six

The clock said noon the last time Elijah looked at it, but they've been sitting around and messing with the harmonies for a while now and he's guessing it's creeping closer to one. His stomach keeps trying to speak up and get fed, but they're recording, and Elijah's enjoying the whole process, so he's ignoring it for the time being.

Or, he is, until he hears Orlando clearing his throat at the back of the room.

"Should we order pizza?" Orlando nods at the entire group and then tilts his head towards the break room.

This is another thing that is Different. Another thing for Elijah to add to his small but growing list of Things That Are Different This Time. The list that could be subtitled, "reasons why this isn't the worst idea on the planet," but it's not, because despite whatever it was that happened the last time, Elijah Does Not Regret Anything.

It's his new life policy.

So, new things. There are many new things. Like Viggo sometimes almost saying things that are lucid and coherent about the types of noises he wants Elijah to produce with his computer. Like Billy and Dom transitioning from a couple that's affixed at the hip into an old married type that can actually be apart for hours at a time. And like Orlando taking control of the room with a stern yet still ridiculously loving look.

Then there are the familiar and traditional things, like ordering exactly five pizzas for delivery, Liv insisting they write down the entire order for her before she'll make the phone call, and Karl and Orlando still, always, convinced they're going to die before the pizza arrives and then attacking it when it does.

Elijah enjoys taking little mental notes on all of this. He tucks his napkin in like a lobster bib and watches as Karl and Orlando swarm around the cardboard boxes like they're looking at water after fifteen days and nights in a desert. When the dust clears, Elijah picks through the remains and claims two slices for himself. There are onions on the veggie bomb. He hands them over to Dom when Billy isn't paying attention.

Elijah's worried the first song makes no sense so they decide to write a second one. Orlando's worried the second song isn't pop enough, so Liv starts humming "Son of Preacher Man." Viggo's always wanted to get a recording of Liv covering that, so they put that in the pile as well, which leads to Dom, Billy, and Viggo inventing a lovely ballad about a barmaid, her sister, and a lonely pirate man.

Elijah's in the sound booth the most, for obvious reasons, which means he's been stuck near the sound guy, Rob, all morning. Elijah likes Rob's glasses but not his love for patchouli. That plus the way Rob tries to open Elijah's chakras every time there's a pause is beginning to be a bit tiring.

When they've got five songs on tape and Viggo's beginning to think up a sixth, Rob starts moving towards the door. He's looking more than a bit desperate to escape and Elijah can kind of understand this, particularly since Orlando, Liv and Daisy have all been speaking to each other in pig Latin for the last forty-five minutes. Elijah shoots Dom a little look, which Dom receives, decodes and then passes along to Billy in the form of a shoulder lean and elbow nudge.

Billy, being fluent in Dom's elbow nudge language, hops up to his feet and 'ahem's for attention. "Right. It about time to wind this down tonight?"

Liv looks at Orlando. Orlando looks at Karl. Karl looks at Daisy. Daisy shrugs with the sort of grace usually possessed only by ballerinas and tightrope walkers. "Rinks-day?"

Somehow they all wind up in Karl's hotel room. Hastily reserved for the duration of their stay in California after the "we'll all just sack out at Elijah's mum's and maybe Viggo's" plan lasted a full day, full stop. This was before Karl remembered that Daisy snored. Billy and Dom probably just felt weird shagging in a home owned by Elijah's mother, but they didn't tell her that when they left. Liv and Orlando, safely installed at Viggo's, tried not to be too smug about things.

Karl's hotel room connects to Billy and Dom's, but they've already dipped into their minibar a bit and they've got laundry and crap dumped across the room, so the band settles into Karl's room for the fun.

"Oh my god." Elijah flops down on the bed next to Daisy and enjoys the way the ceiling looks from this angle. "You guys, seriously. Why did we wait so long to do this?" Elijah rolls back onto his side and looks at Karl and Liv on the floor. "We have so much material to fuck with."

"Yeah." Karl nods and takes a swig of his beer. "Viggo, I'm thinking about the weather song? We should try some type of strings on that chorus."

Billy nods like he agrees and looks over at Elijah. "That one's drunk."

Elijah shrugs. He hadn't realized that he was grinning, but from the way Daisy leans over and rubs his hair, Elijah would guess he's looking a bit drunken.

The radio shifts from some guitar-rock number into "California Dreamin'" by the Momas and the Papas and Billy immediately begins to sing the harmony. Liv chimes in towards the end and when the song fades out Viggo puts his beer down and sits up straight.

"We need to tour. We need to bring this to people." He taps his hand against his knee and looks around the room. "It's time."

Elijah doesn't quite know what to say. Probably because he's always willing to go back on tour, so there's not much to say but "yes, yes, a thousand times yes." Even if he's booked for a month as dj-in-residence at Cielo in three months. Elijah looks around the room, but he has a pretty good idea where the others stand.

Billy and Dom don't seem to have any objections and Liv is nodding like she could be persuaded. Daisy looks thoughtful. "I don't know." He stares at the wall like he's consulting with someone or something. 'I'm up for it. But it's got to fit around the filming schedule."

"Okay," Viggo drawls. "Assume we can make it work."

"If it works?" Daisy nods at the wall, then the room. "Yeah. I think I'd enjoy that."

Karl coughs a warning shot. "It's a great idea. Really." He looks at Viggo for a moment. "But--"

"We need a drummer." Orlando's the one that says it. From the way he winces, he spoke louder than he meant to. No one says anything else.

Elijah really hates awkward silences. Or angry silences. Or any brand of silence. Unless it's snowing, because he rather likes the silence when it's snowing. And when he's underwater, like in a bath.

Billy is looking at him with a lovely, "you fucking know we're all thinking the same thing and why the hell won't someone speak up and say it?" look. Elijah feels like Billy's going to be boring little holes into all of them with his eyes if things keep going this route, but then Orlando is clearing his throat.

"Viggo?" Orlando nudges him with his foot. 'What do you think?"

Viggo raises an eyebrow at him. "You mean, am I okay touring without Bean?"

"Well," Orlando smiles at him. "Yeah, that's about it."

"If Sean's happy at home, he needs to be there." Viggo looks around. "We can do this either way."

"Yeah?" Elijah looks at Viggo. "Are you sure?" Viggo looks sure.

Viggo nods, then swallows. "Astin's familiar with the material."

Dom's already making the squishy face of displeasure at that. He's getting ready to speak when Karl coughs.

"Sounds good." Liv nods at Viggo.

Dom, still making the squishy face, looks like he's going to talk again, but Billy stands up before Dom can speak and tosses a look at Dom designed to stop all expressions of displeasure. "Probably best not to discuss this one."

Orlando nods. Karl nods. Everyone's looking at Elijah a bit sideways and he gets the feeling he knows who's calling Sean in the morning. Dom sighs, loudly.

"We've got vodka left." Billy heads over towards the connecting door, "this calls for celebratory drinks."

Elijah frowns. "There's nothing to put it in."

Dom snorts. "Oh Elijah," he shakes his head. "Since when do we put alcohol in things?"

"I have a deck of cards somewhere." Viggo stands up.

"Asshole?" Orlando moves over on the bed.

"Something like that." Viggo nods. "Unless Dom and Billy want to teach Elijah something new."

Elijah glares at Viggo, then Dom, then the room. "Only if it's a real game. Fuckhead."

Somehow this means that Viggo is required to tackle Elijah and wrestle him to the floor. Which leads, purely by chance, to Elijah clipping Karl in the face with his elbow. Which leads to Liv shrieking and running behind Daisy for cover.

When Billy joins in and Orlando's breaking out the camera, Elijah looks around from underneath Dom's death grip. He's pretty sure he still doesn't regret this one.


6b. Dear Fans, Friends and Extended Family

Dear Fans, Friends and Extended Family:

Let me be the first to tell you: Yes! The Rumors are TRUE! Peter and Fran are reuniting for a benefit concert! And then, who knows? I don’t want to start any more rumors, but, L.A. today, tomorrow the world!

And speaking of rumors, I want to say again to all our fans that you should never give credence to any unsubstantiated rumors before they have been confirmed from an authorized source from within the band or from our management. I am confirming the reunion rumors now, but I urge you all not to traffic in the kind of gossip that the band knows runs rampant through a lot of fan communities.

Details about the concert will be forthcoming shortly. The guys have something up their sleeves and while plans are still up in the air, perhaps by posting this letter publicly I can convince them to be more communicative! Proceeds from the concert itself will be donated to only fully accredited and authenticated charity organizations. I can assure you we will be very thorough in selecting an appropriate organizations. I am looking forward to being involved in this process personally.

I have some additional, very exciting news about the reunion. As I’m sure you know I’ve had the opportunity to direct several music videos in the past three years for really explosive artists like Evanescence and A Simple Plan, but my heart lies in the world of film. My cameras will be rolling throughout the reunion process and I can promise to bring you not only behind-the-scenes material from my position within the band, but a real sense of the inspirational work that it takes to bring people together for a humanitarian cause. Knowing the industry as well as I do, I'm very optimistic about the early buzz of interest being generated around this project. My goal is to see it released as a feature length film.

I urge you to get involved to whatever extent you can – and, let’s face it, from our positions of First World privilege, that’s a lot! – and enjoy Peter and Fran’s contribution to this worthy cause. Stay tuned for further updates!

Sean Astin


6c. More Than Just the Bongos

Author Comment

Posts: 1142
(1/19/05 2:06 am)


trafficking in gossip

unsubstantiated rumors before they have been confirmed from an authorized source from within the band or from our management

Well, didn't franismymomma post just a few weeks ago that she ran into Sala at LAX and he mentioned going on tour with the band again soon? Doesn't Sala count as within the band?

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(1/19/05 2:13 am)


RE: trafficking in gossip

ha! If the BONGO BOY counts, then so does Sala.

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(1/19/05 2:14 am)


RE: trafficking in gossip

Oh, you know that's just how Astin likes to talk-- all important. He means well.

Though, seriously, Evenescence and A Simple Plan? Wow.

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(1/19/05 2:14 am)


RE: trafficking in gossip

ha! If the BONGO BOY counts, then so does Sala.

Come on, apple. Sean is IN the band and he plays more than the bongoes and Viggo and the rest *like* him, so don't judge.

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