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part 44

Elijah doesn't come on stage twenty minutes into the show or anything, but at one particularly memorable moment during their first night in Sydney, Billy apparently decides that he's going to take the lead on the second chorus of "Oranges," and he and Viggo both end up singing on top of each other, which is flat and hard and sounds like the way everyone feels.

The band is of two camps about how the Seoul show went, one where certain people who aren't exactly helping matters snipe about how the Seoul show was bleeding rubbish and Viggo "sounded like boiled arse," and an opposite camp where Orlando says, "Fucking shut it, everyone's allowed to have an off night."

But even Orlando's willing to admit that the first Sydney show has ended up being pretty bloody awful. As they're filing off stage like the condemned, after a half-hearted and perfunctory second encore, Viggo looks over his shoulder and says, "You know, Billy, I think it's great that you want to take more leads, but it'd be nice if we could talk about it first?"

Because Orlando has gotten to the point where he can admit that this has gotten to the point where it's affecting the show, he can also see that this is pretty ironic, considering. He holds his breath to see if Billy is going to lose his shit, but Billy just snorts and stomps off toward the back exit, everyone else silently shuffling behind him.

Viggo, though, stops right where he's standing as though Billy's snort immobilized him in some way. He catches Orlando by the arm and says, "Uh, what was that about?"

"What was that about?" Orlando says, shouts, really, and he's surprised at himself, but not enough to not say it again. "What was that about?" he repeats. "Are you fucking joking?"

Viggo frowns and looks confused and, really, that's just great, that's flipping fantastic. This whole week, Orlando been making excuses for Viggo to the others because he really believes that it's just as much up to Elijah to say something if he's put out. That's the problem, they all complain that Viggo is so incomprehensible, but they put him up there, they make it that way. But if Viggo hasn't even noticed that everyone is mad at him, well. That's just--

"You can't keep doing this to us, okay?"

"Can't keep doing what?" Viggo says.

Orlando hears a door slam ahead of them, everyone else is probably in the cars on the way back to the hotel, but Viggo's still standing there in the hallway, holding Orlando in his orbit by the elbow. "Can't keep doing what?" he says again, and Orlando wonders if they're both just going to keep repeating themselves over and over until one of them buys a clue.

"Do you even get what it was like before we got back together?" Orlando says, throwing his hands up. "I mean, you know, I mean, it'd been two years, we were all finally learning how to have normal lives again, you know? Daisy was doing the show, Elijah was getting all kinds of producing gigs, Dom and Billy were, I don't know what the fuck they were doing, but they were really happy, and Karl says he and Cate were talking about trying to do an album, did you know that? And everybody dropped everything because we --" Orlando takes a deep breath, "because we love the band, but that doesn't mean that you get to just get to keep deciding when we start and when we stop without asking anybody."

"I never--" Viggo starts to say, but he lets go of Orlando's arm like it might be hot and he looks a little stunned so there's enough time for Orlando to say what he actually means, in the end.

"You can't just announce we're going to do another album without talking about it first."

"I keep saying--" Viggo starts, hands spread out in front of him. "I'm not the front man, I'm not the leader, it wasn't like this was all just my idea, it was all of us, and--"

"No," Orlando says, cutting him off. "Thanks, but no, I don't buy it, nobody does." He stares Viggo down like he's daring him to say something, because telling Viggo that he's the lead singer is like telling Dom he's no singer at all except not as funny and not the sort of thing that you can pull out at parties.

Orlando watches Viggo watch him and after a long minute, Viggo says, "Well, what about you?"

"What do you mean, what about me?" Orlando asks, exhausted, and not wanting to make this about himself.

Viggo gives the wall a considering look before he slumps down against it, sitting cross-legged on the floor. He looks up and says, "What did you give up?"

"I walked off a job the day we were supposed to start filming. I got your letter and I--" Orlando stops, because he never thought it was a big deal that he'd walked off the movie, he wasn't the one who thought it was crazy that he'd dropped everything because Viggo sent him a letter. "I let Eric break up with me," Orlando says, finally. "Eric always said, he always said that you just had to write a letter and I'd come running, that we'd all come running, and I never thought anything wrong with that, I never understood why he thought that made me a bloody idiot." He slumps down to lean against the wall next to Viggo, but keeps his distance and crosses his arms over his chest, cradling his elbows in the palms of his hands. "Don't make us look like idiots for believing you," he says. "I'm pretty sure that's all anyone wants."

Viggo touches his hand to his mouth, and bites down on a knuckle. "I don't know if Hallmark makes a card for that," he says, and bumps one shoulder against Orlando's. Orlando bumps back, and shakes his head.


a parking lot, located behind a respectable Sydney music auditorium

Astin gets into the van under protest. "But what about--"

"What?" Billy looks at him. "Oh, they're alright. I told Orlando we were off."

"Liv," Dom peers at her from the back of the van, "you in there alright? Elijah, you git, move yourself over and give the lady some room."

"I am over." Elijah rolls his eyes at his reflection in the window. "You have room, right?" He looks over at Dom. "She totally has room."

"Um." Liv looks down at her knees, pulled up and propped against the side of the door. "Sort of?"

"She doesn't have room Elijah." Karl glowers at him menacingly. "Move it."

"For someone small, you're taking up some space there." Bean looks around the van and the many carefully placed arms and limbs. "I figured you’d collapse better."

"I'm not small, per se." Elijah crosses his arms. "Do we have to use that word?"

"Compact then," Daisy pats Elijah on the head. "For someone compact."

"Whatever." Elijah makes his I'm-out-of-cigarettes-and-life-is-hard face.

"Such an American," Karl mutters to Daisy.

"Fuck," Dom ducks. "Is that Bloom's head?" He tugs at Billy's arm. "Down kids, down!"

"What?" Elijah ducks as well, poking up so that his eyes are just above the vinyl padding and looking out the window. "Where?"

"At the window," Dom hisses and bats his hand towards the building. "That bright one."

"Fuck!" Elijah ducks back bellow the window. "Sala," he hisses towards the driver's seat. "They're going to see us, floor it!"

Karl looks at Bean. "That's such an odd phrase." Bean nods. Astin looks at him as well, confused.

"I thought Orlando knew we were leaving?"

room 245, a reputable Sydney hotel room hallway

"Jesus Christ," Dom falls back against the wall, closing his eyes. "That was a close one."

"I can't take the sulking anymore." Elijah pushes past him, further into the room. He throws his messenger bag down next to Bean's luggage. "Orlando's just about turned into a woman with all the sighing."

"Hey," Liv shakes her head at him. "He was in the grief stage for a while. It's a process."

"Fuck process." Elijah leans down and starts to rummage in his bag. "I need to smoke and I need a drink. Bean, mind if we raid the mini-bar?"

Bean shrugs at him. "Be my guest."

Dom pushes off from the wall with his foot and looks over at Billy. "You think they'll noticed we dashed?"

"Mmm." Billy purses his lips. "Perhaps."

"Well," Karl appears over the edge of a chair, holding a brown bottle. "They will eventually." He holds out the bottle. "Beer?"

"Ta." Billy takes it.

"You think they'll be pissed?" Dom takes the bottle from Billy and helps himself to a swig.

"Perhaps." Billy shrugs.

"Ah," Sean looks up from the lens of his video camera. "Why, exactly, would they be pissed?"

room 245, around a large red sofa and two arm chairs

"Poor Orli," Liv giggles. "We were a bit naughty."

"Naughty," Elijah chuckles. "Liv, that's a sexy word, don't say that again."

"Hey!" Liv hits him on the arm.

"You're not meant for those things." Dom shakes his head.

"I did have a kid, you know." Liv frowns at him and shakes her skirt out.

"Exactly," Elijah shudders. "With a stork, I hope,"

"Wow." Dom looks at Elijah, then Billy. "Childbirth."

"Childbirth." Billy clinks his beer bottle against Dom's. "Child birth and vaginas."

"Cunts." Dom grins and over emphasizes the t. "Cunt."

"Hey now, " Daisy shakes his head. "There are ladies present."

"Liv," Dom sighs, "I'm sorry. I have tried to understand their magic. I just--" He looks at Billy.

"Don't." Billy shakes his head. He taps his fingers against the arm of the couch. "Maybe we should make it a project. He looks at Dom. "Can we adopt a lesbian or something, for research?"

"Depends on what you mean by adopt," Dom shrugs. "If you mean adopt to live in the flat with us, be our ward, and leave their wet underthings hanging in the bathroom, then no. You can't."

"Damn it." Billy looks at Daisy, "He never lets me have nice things."

"No," Dom shakes his head. ""Never."

"Elijah, would you have let me?"

"Ho." Bean's voice interrupts. "Perhaps that's bad territory there, lads."

"No," Dom shakes his head. "It's not. We're all fine from that, we had a nice chat on a bus about it."

Bean smiles at him. "I meant the rest of us."

room 245, on the floor, next to the mini-bar

"He doesn't just have to take Viggo's side in this." Elijah makes a large sweeping gesture with his drink. Portions of it leave his glass for the floor. "I mean, what about his movies, right? He should be insulted."

"Eh," Daisy shakes his head at Elijah. "Orlando doesn't really mind stuff like that."

"Well," Bean shrugs, "he'll tolerate more of it from Viggo."

"Well." Elijah makes another motion with his glass, but Daisy stops his arm. "I mind it. I'm just asking to be asked."

"Yes, but you've got the musical legends beating on your door," Dom shrugs. "Who needs us lot when you've got Chris and his mates."

"Shut up." Elijah edges towards him. "I'll spill your beer."

"Fiend!" Dom clutches the bottle to his chest.

Karl, sprawled out on the beige carpet, looks over at the group to his left. "You know, Cate and I were planning a project before all this. I was brushing up on my banjo."

"Cate," Billy's nose wrinkles. "You just wanted to shag her."

"Yeah," Karl shrugs. "That too."

"You don't want that," Dom shakes his head at Karl." You’d fight a lot and have weird, angry, artist sex all the time."

"Well, you know," Kart grins. "Art has its appeals."

Elijah props himself up on his elbows and looks over. "Can't you just do that with Daisy and be less mad about it?"

"Daisy's lacking some parts."

"S'not." Dom shakes his head. "Daisy's perfect in everyway."

"Thank you," Daisy bows at him, just an inch or so.

"Daisy doesn't want to shag me either," Karl shrugs.

"Why not," Billy frowns. "He's fit, right? Daisy, Karl's fit."

"He needs a vagina, right?" Karl glares at him. "Bugger off."

Elijah shrugs. "It's a bit overrated."

"There's nothing wrong with being straight, alright?" Karl scowls at all of them from at least 30 seconds. "Fuck." He looks at Bean. "I can never tell when they're just doing this to torment me. "

"A little of both really. " Bean nods.

"Daisy's better anyway." Elijah shakes his head.

"Really," Daisy puts down his glass carefully on the counter, "can you leave me out of this. Please?"

room 231, sprawled across the bed

"Why is there banging?" Liv mutters from floor.

"I think it's the door." Karl sighs.

"I'm not getting up." Billy hits Dom. "You get it."

"I'm under you," Dom mutters. "You'd have to get up.

"Oh. Billy moves until he can see Daisy. "D, get the door."

"It's Bean's room. It would be rude to get the door for him."

"No it wouldn't," Bean says from under a large green pillow. "And I'm not moving.

Daisy looks at Karl. "Why do you always get me so drunk?"

"You started it," Karl shrugs.

"Unlikely," Daisy shakes his head. There's another round of thumping noises from the door.

"I'll get it." Astin rolls up and arranges himself in a standing position. He moves over to the door.

Viggo comes in, squinting at the light. The air instantly feels more awkward.

"Oh," he looks around the room at the bodies scattered across it. "That's good then." Viggo moves into the room and sits down in the center of it cross-legged, with one hand resting on each knee. "I'd like to just say something," he swallows. "Things have been a bit hard lately. I haven't done the best job of listening and asking. I apologize for that. Communication is," he spreads open the fingers of his right hand, then puts it down on his knee again, "important." He looks at Bean. "Valuable."

"Yes," Liv nods at him, smiling slightly.

"I just wanted to say that," Viggo shrugs. "I know you all put things aside for this project." He looks at Daisy. "Or shifted things." Karl coughs in the background and Viggo blinks at him. "I do appreciate that. The last time we were here. Over here." Viggo sighs. "Wellington wasn't my best moment." He looks at Bean. "I appreciate that you've been able to put that in the past. All of you." He smiles at the group. "I appreciate being here."

There's a small sound in the room, something like tension being quietly released from nine people at the same time. "Okay then," Karl nods. "Alright."

"Thank you." Liv smiles. Elijah nods along when she says it.

"With all of this," Viggo rolls his head back, rubbing his neck with his shoulder. "I had a thought. An idea to say thank you. About Wellington." He looks slowly around the room. "And the tickets."


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(9/20/05 1:38 pm)



Sean Astin here. The band has made a decision that we are all very excited about and I wanted to share it here first because I know that you are some of our most dedicated fans. And as I'm sure you all know, the fans are as important to us as the music itself-- you are what allows us to take our songs and messages beyond our own little world and your reaction and interest are what gives those things a life of their own. I know I've warned in the past of not taking stock in rumors, but let me assure you, this is not a rumor, I am speaking on behalf of the Peter and Fran collective and what I'm about to announce is 100% true and confirmed.

The last show on the current Backyard Carnival World Tour is in Wellington, NZ, the city where this collective was formed and where we have many of our fondest memories and closest friends. It was also the site of the unfortunately cancelled last concert on the 2002 Next Thursday Tour. We know that many of you traveled from all over the world to attend that show and were disappointed and saddened when it didn't happen. Having kept an eye on these message boards, we also are aware that many of you have retained your tickets almost like a badge of your fandom, a declaration of your support.

As such, we in Peter and Fran have decided to honor all tickets to that cancelled January 2003 show at the Wellington stop on this tour. We don't have all the details ironed out, but as this announcement may spur some of you to make travel plans, I wanted to announce it immediately. Please keep an eye out at the official site for more information. As always, thank you so much for your support.

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O!M!G!!! I can't even come up with the words!! First the reunion, then Bean and now this. It's just. YES, yes forever.

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Also, WOW!

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Sean, thank you so much for thinking of us first and for all your kind words. You and the band are truly amazing

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