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Part 35

Elijah doesn't really, truly, seriously believe this is going to happen until it's delegated down to him to tell Sean.

He's standing in one of the empty dressing rooms, part of an impromptu committee -- People Who Happened to Be Around When Bernard Got Off His Cell -- made up of Bernard, Viggo, Billy, Dom and himself. Dom's saying, "Hey, I'll do it! I'll go tell him right now!" and he's so excited he's nearly jumping up and down.

Elijah rolls his eyes and Dom says, "What? What? This is supposed to be good news, right?" Bernard raises his eyebrows and Dom throws his hands up, laughing, and says, "Okay, fine. Have Elijah tell him. Bills and I will go tell everyone else." He grabs Billy by the wrist and they trip over each other to get out the door.

Elijah scratches the nape of his neck and says, "So I'll go tell him, then?"

Bernard claps his hands together and says, "Brilliant. And as a show of my appreciation, I'll go tell Sala. He'll try to bloody murder me when he realizes this means we'll have to re-do the staging."

Then it's just Elijah and Viggo and Viggo says, "You all set?"


"Okay, great."

Elijah does not in any way try to interpret this exchange or the pat on the back that Viggo gives him when they split up out in the hallway. Elijah assumes (read: really, really fucking hopes) that if this is happening, they are well and truly past that point already.

Sean's taken over another of the dressing rooms to cut footage (there is always an abundance of unused or otherwise used dressing rooms wherever they go-- probably because unless it's the rare night that Daisy decides he wants to do the show in full drag, they're all content to roll onstage in whatever clothes were at the top of the suitcase that morning) and so that's where Elijah finds him, watching a bit from the press conference in New York on his laptop.

On screen, Elijah is saying, "No, I don't think any of us feel like we're part of Peter and Fran at the expense of our other projects, I think we've always tried to make the band something that complimented the other parts of our lives." Standing behind Sean, Elijah says, "Hey, man, you got a second?"

Sean closes his laptop and folds his hands in his lap expectantly. Elijah sits down backwards in a chair facing Sean, and he lets his chin rest on the chair back. "I need to tell you--" Elijah starts and then stops because that's so trite and way too fucking ominous. "Something's going to happen tonight." Elijah says.

Sean's face clouds, and Elijah realizes he's probably made it sound like the band's splitting up when it's the other way around. "Bean's coming back," Elijah blurts out finally, and never mind about before, now it absolutely feels real.

Sean's eyes get very wide. "Wow, when?"

"Uh, tonight, I think," Elijah says, even though he said so already. "His flight's gonna land soon, but I don't think he'll be here in time for the show. Bernard says he called to say he was coming while he was changing planes in Denver."

Elijah bumped into Bernard in the hallway. Elijah was on a mission with Dom and Billy to find someone from the venue to send out to get them some bubblegum, and Viggo was trailing behind Bernard looking inscrutable. Bernard was saying, "You're what? You're fucking where? You couldn't have rung before fucking Denver?" and he wedged his phone under his ear so he could grab Billy by the shoulder.

"So, he's coming back," Sean says. "For good?"

"Yes," Elijah says. "I mean. I think so? I'm not sure." And now for the sticky part: "Uh, I think we'll have a couple days to rehearse and talk about stuff when he gets here. I mean, he'll have to learn the new songs, and, you know, we always had two drummers before, so I really think that--"

"No, this'll be great, this is perfect," Sean says, leaning forward in his seat. "I've been wanting more freedom to concentrate on the documentary and this is exactly what I need -- I could actually shoot some footage myself on the hand-held when we're on stage. No, I think this'll be exactly what the film needs to take it to the next level, and--"

Elijah listens to Sean wind himself up with talk of cinema veritie and also bugging New Line for another PA to come out with them on the Asian leg and Elijah starts to smile. The more Sean talks, the wider Elijah's smile gets, until he's grinning so hard he thinks he probably looks like a murderous clown or something and his face hurts.

Sean says he's been thinking about asking Viggo if he'd consider mounting a camera on his guitorgan.

What happened when Bernard got off his cell after Elijah, Dom and Billy spent several minutes trying to figure out what was going on by interpreting the conversation or Viggo's blank face, was that Bernard said, "He asked, well. He wants to come back."

And Viggo said, "He doesn't have to ask."

And Bernard said, "Right. That's what I told him."

And now Bean's on a flight from Denver to LAX; Bean says he hasn't slept in 26 hours because of the flying fucking stand-by; Bean says he wants to come back.

Bean's coming back.

The band goes on stage at nine pm. Bean is standing at stage right, watching, and Astin is on stage, sitting behind the drum kit and pounding his way through the first half of the show. Bean thinks it's a rather normal show at the moment, except for the way that Dom keeps looking over towards him in the wings and winking.

He's learned about thirteen new songs in the past two days. Or tried to. Mostly he's mucked around as best he can. He still needs to look at his notes every once in a while, even on the old songs. Apparently drumming isn't quite like riding a bicycle. Then again, neither was welding.

At rehearsal everyone was patient, painfully so, and encouraging in ways that were a mix of very endearing and slightly irritating. Elijah and Dom presented him with a carton of cigarettes and then spent half of the morning following him around and asking about things like the weather in Sheffield and the football scores, Karl checked three times to see if Bean needed more coffee, and Liv talked a lot about crocheting scarves and Milo's last ear infection. For a change, Viggo was the only one who was being completely normal; he was acting as though Bean had never left. At lunch, Astin handed him a salad and said something about things taking time and how they'd all get there together, but Billy moved him away before Bean could hear the rest of it. He suspects that Astin was trying to give him a pep talk.

When they put together the set list, they stacked things so the first half of the show is primarily made up of the new material. Which is good, really. Bean's willing to go for it if they need him, but he'd rather practice a bit more first. Instead of playing, Bean watches Astin's hands and arms moving, tapping his right foot along with the beat. He decides that he likes the bit Astin adds onto the close of the third song, makes a note to remove any use of bongos in the fourth, and counts along with every one of them, occasionally twitching an arm and trying to commit the timing to memory.

The band starts off the show with "Bard and Pirate," to give the kids something to bounce to, then the set list gets quieter. Viggo said this was to build tension, Karl said that it was bollocks. Elijah agreed with Viggo, but no one else cared much either way. Mostly, Dom and Billy wanted to go off and shag and Orlando kept looking longingly at his cell phone.

Exactly forty-eight minutes into the show, about three minutes later than estimated, the band takes a breather. Bean finds himself hopping in place a little; up then down again. Up at the front of the stage, Viggo's talking about Live 8, AIDS research and potatoes. "I truly believe," Viggo says, nodding down at the front of the crowd, "that if you can take a minute to wear a rubber bracelet, you can take a minute to vote." Everyone else just stands back and watches like this is something Viggo does every night. Then Viggo chuckles a little and Bean's not sure how he manages to move the topic from this to transitions, but there he goes, talking about changes, Bowie, and Henry's eighth grade graduation with a level of detail that Henry would probably find humiliating.

Throughout all of this Liv is looking over into the wings, smiling at Bean's spot in the shadows in a way that he thinks is supposed to be reassuring. He's trying to ignore the part of him that's feeling reassured. Then Viggo pauses. "So, in the spirit of the weather and because, as Bowie said, we 'can't trace time,' we're going to have someone special join up with us tonight." He looks over at Bean with an expression on his face that Bean doesn't think he's seen since before Tibet. "If he'll come out now?" Viggo holds out his hand.

There's a pause, quiet in the audience, confusion in the air, a cough or two, and then Bean blinks. He can see Daisy and Billy looking at him, he looks over at Orlando and feels air moving out of his mouth and lungs, but not coming back in. Then Orlando nods and Bean's breathing again, like he never stopped. He walks out on stage. He takes the sticks from Astin. He sits down behind the kit, ignores the noise around him and finds the edge of the snare with the tip of his drumstick. Viggo turns around to face Bean with his guitar, then plays the first chord of "St. Eligious," smiling.

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(08/03/2005 9:48 pm)



I just got off the phone with applepie. She called me from the audience at the SF show and she says that BEAN IS ON STAGE. BEAN. ON STAGE. PLAYING THE DRUMS. BACK WITH THE BAND. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I AM TOTALLY LOSING MY SHIT.

She held up her phone so I could hear what they're playing? They're fucking playing St. Eligious. I just can't believe it.

sandinista rocker
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(08/03/2005 9:49 pm)




no words! none!

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(08/03/2005 9:50pm)



I can't believe it! And they're playing St. Eligious?!?!?! I would kill a puppy to get a boot of this show, btw. Please let someone be taping tonight!

pf4ever, thank you so much for reporting this, this is the best news ever!

one man carnival
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(08/03/2005 9:51 pm)



BEAN IS BACK!!!!!!!!! I always knew this would happen, I'm just pissed that I missed it! Couldn't have he come back in time for the Phoenix show? :( :( :(

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(08/03/2005 9:53 pm)



Thanks for posting this, pf4ever! Do you have idea what Sean A. was doing while Bean was on stage, though? I hope this doesn't mean that he's going to be playing less....

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(08/03/2005 9:55 pm)



Okay, you guys, now that I've stopped breathing into a paper bag, here's more information on applepie's phone call. PLEASE NOTE: I WAS NOT AT THE SHOW. We won't really know exactly what happened until people who are at the show (which is still going on!) come home and are able to post. I'm just passing on information from a friend who thought that all the hardcore P&F fans who post at the boards would want to know as soon as possible.

*hyperventilates again*

Anyway, applepie says that about halfway through the show, Viggo went into his usual blah blah thank you for coming blah blah social change blah blah third world debt relief okay-we-all-know-this-is-important-but-could-you-play-a-fucking-song-already thing, the usual ten minutes of incomprehensible Viggo babble that we know and love. But then he started talking about, I think I must have heard this wrong, but, Henry's 8th grade graduation? ANYWAY, and then there's this big pause and nobody knows what's gonna happen and then BEAN CAME OUT and traded places with Sean A. who had his camera ready. Everybody in the band seemed really excited, and she says Viggo spent the whole song with his back to the audience playing right at Bean. Because, I don't know if I mentioned, THEY PLAYED ST. ELIGIOUS.

That's all I've got, I'm sure applepie and sugarsnap and everyone else who was at the SF show will have more when they get home. I love this band! I'm halfway considering maxing out my credit card so I can go to the Portland show. Anybody want to come with me?

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