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Part 15

Berlin, Germany
The Grand Hyatt Berlin, Room 256

The beginning of the tour means publicity and the return of Ian McKellen, self-proclaimed PR devil, into their lives. Sitting on a director's chair between Sean and Viggo, Elijah is feeling a lot of hatred towards Ian. A lot.

"I, personally," Sean leans forward, closer to the tape recorder, "feel very very honored to be here. To chronicle this. But Sean Bean has a thriving business-- all union mind you, which is so commendable-- and he needs to attend to it."

"His building," Viggo nods, "it's very important to him."

"I'd imagine this allowed the music to take a slightly different path as well." Their reporter, a middle-aged woman with a name that sounds something like Ana, looks at Elijah.

"Well," Elijah tilts his head and frowns. "I'm not sure it's that different really."

"I've been inside them." Viggo nods again. "They're very sturdy."

"His daughters too. He needs to be near them at this age." Sean looks at Elijah, then back at the reporter. "As a fellow father--"

"And what about this new material?" The reporter looks at Elijah, then Sean. "Any particular message in a song title like 'Voting for the Monkey'?"

"Speaking for myself," Sean taps his index finger against his chest. "I see this album as an opportunity really. An outlet for our frustration with the current--"

"The whole system is fucked." Elijah looks away from the wallpaper, which is a very bright green. And possibly supposed to be palm fronds. "Absolutely fucked."

Viggo sighs. "The system is the monkey." He shrugs. "When there's nothing but the monkeys banging on the government's typewriters, are we moments away from Hamlet? Or are we destined for years of wasted paper and chest pounding?"

"But mostly," Elijah shoots Viggo a look, but he doesn't see it. "The album's just about our lives. At the current time."

"That's why I'm chronicling the journey, making this documentary." Sean points over to the little digital camera, perched on a brown end table in the corner. "To show that we're just people. And that the message, the band's message, is something that others can--"

"No," Viggo shakes his head. "I'm a monkey too, aren't I? Sitting here, we're all monkeys too. That's the..." There's a pause. Viggo looks overly sad by the lack of a word.

"The duality," Sean nods.

"No. Not that." Viggo shakes his head and looks at the reporter. "I hate duality."

The reporter looks over at her assistant. The assistant is a younger woman in a green track suit. She shrugs back at the reporter.

Elijah coughs, loudly, and glares at Ian in his head. "Yeah, so I just mix all this together. Mostly."

Berlin, Germany
The Grand Hyatt Berlin, Room 258

Liv is staring at the perkiest set of breasts she's seen in a while and wondering if there's any chance they're real.

"So! This is Ilse with Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler." Ilse leans forward in her chair. "Peter and Fran! Welcome, Vilkomen to Germany. You are back. And Orlando," she giggles, "making our young men rather jealous. All this attention you are receiving from their girlfriends."

"Oh no, no," Orlando shakes his head. "Everyone's wonderful."

"And some of the boyfriend's boyfriends too," Ilse giggles some more. "Yes?"

"Well, what can I even say to--"

"Everyone's just wonderful." Liv rests her hand on Orlando's elbow and squeezes. "Two of the nicest people presented me with a blanket for Milo yesterday."

"At the airport." Orlando props his right foot up in the leg of his chair. "They crocheted it themselves." He looks at Liv. "I want to learn how to do that."

Liv nods. "I can teach you that!"

"I know," he nods, and looks back at the reporter, "I want her to."

"Or Dom. He might be able to." Liv purses her lips and pauses for a moment. "Well, probably not that well."

"Well," Ilse crosses her legs. "That's lovely. Really." She looks at Liv. "What else have you done in Germany so far?"

"Oh, slept mostly," Liv sighs. "Jet lag and the baby don't mix well."

Orlando sighs heavily and shakes his head at her. "You have to go out dancing in Germany." He looks at the reporter. "I went out with some of the boys last night."

"The young ones." Liv nods. "They have the energy."

"And the older ones?" Ilse looks at Orlando with a deeply interested expression. "Is that why Sean Bean isn't with you this time?"

"Oh, no!" Liv shakes her head hard. "We miss Sean, but he's hardly old. He's back in England building things. And we have Sean Astin with us."

"Sean's watching anyway." Orlando looks into the camera and waves. "Hi Sean! Give the girls a smooch for us!"

"We'll see him in England as well," Liv nods. "Of course."

"Right." Orlando chuckles. "It'll be a mad reunion of band members there. Cate'll be around too, for sure."

"For sure?" Liv looks at him, eyebrow raised.

"What?" Orlando frowns.

"You sound so American!" Liv pokes him. "Say it again!"

Berlin, Germany
The Grand Hyatt Berlin, Room 257

Dom is, predictably, paired with Billy for the day. Ian's good like that. Their reporter is younger, named Garin, and cute, but not quite Dom's type. A bit clean. Garin is asking about the band members from the United Kingdom.

"Oh, Orlando," Billy shakes his head. "He's not in the Brits club. He's so bloody American now. We Brits just get together and laugh at him."

Garin has a yellow notepad in his lap. He looks at it briefly. "Orlando's a celebrity now too? Has that changed things?"

"No." Dom snorts. "Orlando's still a raggedy git."

"Once you've seen Orlando without product in the morning..." Billy shakes his head. "Well, the mystique of celebrity doesn't really go far without serious product."

Garin makes a note on his note pad. "Hair product?"

"Oh yeah," Dom nods. "Owns stock in it he does. Makes his manager send him it in bulk."

"Frankly," Billy leans in and lowers his voice. "I'm concerned about the environmental impact."

"Mmm." Dom shakes his head at Billy. "We probably not supposed to share these truths."

"Oh!" Billy covers his mouth with his hand, then nods. "Right. Yeah. Think you can keep that off tape?"

Garin nods. "Lets talk about Sean Astin. His presence is a change as well, yes?"

"No no," Dom shakes his head. "He's been around with us loads of times."

"Yes, but he's mainly been a back up drummer for you, correct?"

"Weeeell," Dom leans back in his chair, rubbing at the back of his head. "That Bean fellow." He looks at Billy. "Was his name Bean?"

"Bean," Billy nods, "right."

"He left us to live with goats." Dom nods. "In the hills."

"Apparently we made him uncomfortable. Uncomfortable!" Billy shakes his head. "He prefers four-legged beasties."

"Personally, I worry for the children." Dom crosses his arms across his chest. "He has three daughters. Growing up in burrows like that. Shame."

"Shame." Billy nods. "'tis."

Berlin, Germany
The Grand Hyatt Berlin, Room 259

Daisy and Karl are stuck with a rather elderly man named Jonas. Daisy isn't quite sure what form of media he's representing as there is a video camera and a microphone from a tape recorder trained on him at the moment.

"Now David." Jonas peers at him over an impressive pair of glasses. "You left quite a career behind for this reunion. Didn't you?"

"Not exactly." Daisy shakes his head. "I'm fitting Peter and Fran in around it. The show is my first priority."

"Yes," Jonas nods. "What's the name of it again?"

"Don't Eat the Daisies."

"He's not even a Doris Day fan." Karl shifts in his chair to look at Daisy. "Why did you call it that?"

"Well, I don't hate--" Daisy sighs and looks at Jonas. "Okay, I do rather hate Doris Day; it's the smile really." He looks into the camera and shrugs, "sorry Doris," then looks at Karl, "I just like the name." He pauses. "And David Niven. I rather love David Niven in that film. Nothing too deep."

"Well, from what I hear." Jonas looks back and forth at the both of them. "Viggo fills the quota for depth."

"And mysterious," Karl grins. "Don't forget mysterious."

"Never." Daisy shakes his head.

"I'll remember that." Jonas nods. "I'm heading into his room next."

"Well," Karl shrugs, "we'll pray for you."

Daisy shakes his head. "Or not."

"Well, I'll pray for you." Karl waves his right hand over in Daisy's direction. "He's less into God than I am."

"David? Why not?"

"Just not my thing." Daisy shrugs. "I figure I'll be nice to people as much as possible and call it even."

"Well," Jonas leans back in his chair and peers at Daisy. "That sounds like a good compromise."

"That's what I say." Daisy nods.

"Got to float your own boat." Karl shrugs.

"Indeed. Indeed." Jonas smiles. "Good one."

"Thank you." Karl shoots a look at Daisy. Daisy shrugs at him.

"And after Germany?" Jonas takes his glasses off and rubs at the lenses with the edge of his shirt. "Where next?"

"Oh, everywhere." Karl stretches his arms out and looks over at the alarm clock in the corner. "Well, mostly."

Daisy shakes his head. "Europe first, then some time off."

"Not too much though?" Jonas looks down at his notes.

"No," Karl nods. "We've still got a final mix of the album to do. And we're touring America next."

"Ahh, America. Think they're ready for you?"

"I hope not." Daisy snorts.

"No," Karl grins, "it's more fun if we sneak up on them."


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german article from DeZone...

Okay I translated it all. Apologies for some errors. This is German to English and I am in France, you see the issue.


We thought that they had put down their guitars and packed away the instruments, but Peter and Fran are officially back!

We talked about the situation with Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan at the beginning of their European tour. Connect with DeZone reporter Ilse, as she met them for coffee and hear over their newest adventures.

"Hi, how are you? What drink would you like?" Such gentleman. We are interviewing them however guitarist Dominic offers to buy us our coffee. After we sat down inside, we passed along your questions. Here is what Dominic and Billy had to say...

In which aspects is this album a new step for Peter and Fran? -- Franka P.
BILLY: Every time Peter and Fran meets we produce something that is new and attempt something different. This album have we Sean Astin with us and did more songs with Bongos.
DOM: This time the Americans in the group had much to say about politics. They are not pleased with their government at the moment.

Dom, I love you! Who affects your music? -- Marco D
DOM: Marco thanks! We love you also. I believe in the way of life and philosophy the Beatles. They are why I became a musician.
BILLY: None of that affected it. It was I. I held back food until he wrote me love songs.
ILSE: Awww. So nice!
DOM: It was time nice first. Afterwards I began to become hungry. I explained to him no song, until he treats me better.

What did you do during your time away from the band? -- Therry W.
BILLY: We both did fundraising. We form many products such as Wristbands and handsewn journals and sold them in America.
ILSE: Did you see the other members at all?
BILLY: Oh the whole time. Whenever we can.
DOM: If we are in New York, we go watch Elijah dj and request only songs he hates.

Billy and Dom, you are role models for young homosexual men everywhere. Any advice to us? -- Jan. G.
DOM: Always be nice to your parents!
BILLY: Love means always examining yourself and taking safe steps in sex.
Dom: Pay attention to the policy! Never stay quiet.
BILLY: Write lots bad poetry, if your heart is broken. It gives you laughter one day.
DOM: And do not forget God loves you!
ILSE: Such serious announcements of you two, that is different.
DOM: Viggo makes us now and then. He said that we have a ratio to fill.
ILSE: Well with that understanding, here is our last reader question...

Peter and Fran always! A birthday party of my small sister is the following week. Can you come and have cake with us? My Mamma makes it! -- Helen Q.
BILLY: Well for cakes, I think that we can jump over a tour date or two.
DOM: Can we get pieces for the other members? Daisy becomes testy, if you don't share treats.
ILSE: I am sure that you could all go, if you wished.
DOM: Now there is a good idea. I wish that we could.
BILLY: Sad Helen, am I not sure we can convince them to let us come, But warmest greetings to Helen's sister.
ILSE: Yes! Warmest greetings! And warmest greetings to the whole band. Thanks indeed to Peter and Fran for lending me Billy and Dominic for this interview!

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Re: german article from DeZone...

!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Thank you for posting this.

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Re: german article from DeZone...

That was great! "Warmest Greetings!" to franisfromfrance for sharing!

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